Saturday, 30 March 2013

Bill Laswell's Material • Warsaw Summer Days 11th July 2007

As requested by hideo

Featuring the trumpet of Nils Petter Molvaer who is no stranger to Laswell projects and the incredible guitarist Eivind Aarset, both on the cutting edge of the Norwegian music scene.
I snatched this from sometime ago.
1. Applause, Mariusz Adamiak speaks

2. Improvisations

3. Darker • Solid Ether

4. Untitled

5. Bernie Worell keyboard solo • Cosmic Slop
(Worrell - Worrell, G. Clinton)

6. Mantra
( Laswell, Caroline, Shankar)

7. Applause

8 encore: KAKONITA

Bill Laswell • bass
Nils Petter Molvaer • trumpet, electronics
Aiyb Dieng • percussion
Bernie Worrell • keyboards
Guy Licata • drums
Eivind Aarset • electric guitar

Label: non
Format: 2 x 320 1/2
Country: Poland
Released: 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Free Jazz, Rock

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Material • Live In Japan

As requested by hideo

The best material album next to hallucination engine. This is a live recording from japan on aug 2,5 & 7th of 1992. featuring foday musa suso, kora, dousongonni, guitar, percussion, vocal's/laswell, bass/bernie worrell, piano, hammond organ, clavinet, synth/nicky skopelitis6&12 string guitar/aiyb dieng, chantan,congo, talking drum, percussion/ginger baker, drums.

the album is verry jammin with excellent ginger fusion drums fodays manny instruments and fabulous lightly accented vocals, laswell's usual dub bass tastic, dieng at his percussive finnest, and very light nicky accentz.

the album toyz with elementz of jazz, rock and world fusion and features creator has a master plan originally by pharoah sanders from the album karma. pharoah's is a bit longer at 23:00 min and has lion thomas on awesome vocalz and is one of the most psychodelic songz ive ever heard, this one is a bit scaled down dut the effort is flawless. this is the best foday album ive heard yet even better than possesion and his solo stuff. my only complaint is that nicky's playing is verry light with just bitz of accentz but he is quite know for doing so on several occasionz, but he is still amazing as usual. and anyonw who knowz of gingers work will not be dessapointed he still tarez it up and his song with aiyb is a drumerz dream hearing two of the best percussionist on earth together. before i had bought this i thought scence it was 92 it was older and kinda outdated and more like massacre but thatz not the case, you wouldnt tell when this was recorded the sound is so goo you wouldnt even be able to tell itz live. all in all 1 of the best live albums ever lotz of different elementz of jazz dub and african mellodyz. not to be missed by anyonw who even likes 1 of the mussicians and a must have for any laswell fan.
yajdubuddah on 

1. Invocation (Worrell)
2. Leaving Earth (Suso, Laswell)
3. Desert Star (Suso, Laswell)
4. Out of The Dreamtime (Suso)
5. Obsessed (Baker, Dieng)
6. Into The Seventh House (Suso, Laswell, Skopelitis)
7. Dousongonni Song (Suso)
8. The Receiver (Suso, Laswell, Skopelitis)
9. The Creator Has A Master Plan (Sanders, Thomas)
10. The Image of The One (Worrell)

Foday Muso Suso • kora, dousongonni, guitar, percussion, vocal
Bernie Worrell • piano, Hammond organ, clavinet, synthesizer
Nicky Skopelitis • 6 & 12 string guitars
Bill Laswell • bass
Ginger Baker • drums
Aiyb Dieng • chatan, congas, talking drum, percussion

Recorded live at Shinjuku Pit Inn, Kyoto & Imabari on August 2, 5 & 7 1992
Compiled at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
Engineering • Oz Fritz for High Velocity
Assistant • Imad Mansour
Produced by Bill Laswell

Label: Restless Records – 7 72739-2
Format: 320
Country: US
Released: 1993
Genre: Electronic, Jazz, Rock
Style: Jazz, African

Monday, 25 March 2013

Phew • Phew

I think that if I had not done recording work at Conny s Studio, I would not have continued making music till now. I can't measure how much I learned from him. What he taught me was not a particular musical style, but something belonging to what can't be visually expressed, what is beyond verbal description, and what the essence of my existence as a musician is based on. At the time I first visited him, I was merely aggressive; I was unaware not only of the inevitability of my musical career, but also of what I wanted to express in music. He recognized me as a singer, although I was chaotic and impulsive. That has been a strong driving force in my musical career. The memory of my experience at Conny s Studio is still growing beautifully, as a pearl does in a shell.
• Phew  •

 1. Closed
2. Signal
3. Kodomo
4. Dream
5. Mapping
6. Aqua
7. P-Adic
8. Doze
9. Fragment
10. Circuit

Played + Produced by 
Phew, Holger Czukay, Jaki Liebezeit,
Conny Plank,Yoshitaka Goto

 Recording Engineer: Conny Plank
Recorded and Mixed at: Conny's Studio, Czukay's Editing Laboratory

Label: Pass Records / P-Vine
Catalog#: SSAP-006
Format: 320
Country: Japan
Original Release: 1981

Friday, 22 March 2013

The Tony Williams Lifetime • Turn It Over (Redux)

A rare, unreleased version of The Tony Williams Lifetime album, Turn It Over. Expanded, remixed, and remastered by Bill Laswell from the original Polydor master tapes.

In 1999, Bill Laswell decided to re-imagine this seminal jazz fusion album. However, Verve Records refused to release the album once it was completed, claiming it would never sell. However, it was released on CD-R directly to a small music shop in New York City frequented by Bill Laswell himself, the Downtown Music Gallery.

Unabridged version of the complete album includes 4 UNRELEASED CUTS, AND 5 LONGER UNEDITED VERSIONS from album sessions - which was intended as a double LP but only released as an editied single LP; cover art by Russell Mills, liner notes by John Szwed. Thanks to Bill Laswell for rescuing, and finally giving a proper mastering to match William's original intentions, to this most seminal, groundbreaking recording, mixing jazz, rock, prog and metal years ahead of virtually everyone else!

Review of the shorter LP version: "The better of the two albums the Tony Williams Lifetime recorded in 1970, Turn It Over, is a far more focused and powerful album than the loose, experimental Ego, and one of the more intense pieces of early jazz-rock fusion around. In parts, it's like Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsys with much better chops. It's more rock-oriented and darker-hued than their debut, 1969's Emergency!, and the temporary addition of ex-Cream member Jack Bruce on bass and vocals alongside stalwart guitarist John McLaughlin [with whom Bruce recorded the instrumental album 'Things We Like' just before this] makes this something of a milestone of British progressive jazz. The album's primary flaw is that unlike the expansive double album Emergency!, these ten songs are tightly constricted into pop-song forms -- only a swinging cover of Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Once I Loved" breaks the five-minute mark, and then only barely -- which reins in these marvelous soloists too much. This is particularly frustrating since pieces like the two-part "To Whom It May Concern" feature some outstanding solos (especially from McLaughlin and organist Larry Young, the group's secret weapon) that are frustratingly, tantalizingly short. Expanded to a double album [as originally intended, and as this CD edition finally reveals], Turn It Over would probably surpass Emergency! as a pioneering jazz-rock fusion release; as it is, it's an exciting but mildly maddening session.
Stewart Mason AMG

1 Vuelta Abajo*
2 To Whom It May Concern: Us/Them
3 This Night This Song*
4 Do That**
5 Big Nick*
6 Once I Loved
7 To Whom**
8 Allah Be Praised*
9 Right On*
10 A Famous Blues
11 New Piece**

*Unedited version
**Previously unreleased

Tony Williams • drums, vocals
John McLaughlin • guitar, vocals
Larry Young (Khalid Yassin) • organ
Jack Bruce • bass, vocals

Original tracks recorded at Olmstead Sound Studios, 
New York, NY in 1970 Original Recordings 
produced by Monte Kay, Jack Lewis and Tony Williams 
1999 expanded edition - Bill Laswell: Production and mix translation 
Engineers at Turtle Tone Studios: Michael Fossenkemper and Alex Theoret

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Label: Verve Records
Catalog#: n/a
Format: 320/Flac
Country: US
Released: n/a
Genre: Jazz, Rock
Style: Jazz-Rock

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Havana Mood

This set contains a classic version of recordings of son and boleros with The Septeto Nacional, Raoul Plana and Tata Guinès; it is the 'Straight Master' recorded at the Egrem studio in Cuba. The second disc called 'Rhum & Bass' is as implied by it's name an attempt at another treatment of this style of music: in Orange, New Jersey, we have attempted to produce a cuban dub.
Jean Touitou • Bill Laswell
January 1999

One can't quite overcome suspicions of "hopping on the bandwagon" when first encountering Havana Mood Hot on the heels of Ry Cooder's universally acclaimed Buena Vista Social Club project, Bill Laswell and Jean Touitou grab a flight down to Cuba and record their own group of grizzled, ancient legends. The discomfort comes from finding Laswell in the wake rather than in the vanguard of an idea; one wonders whether commercial considerations weighed more heavily than artistic or archivist ones in the planning of this project.

Not being privvy to the inner workings of the producers' minds, let it be understood that this is nonetheless a really fine set. The smoky ambience of the sixty-year-old Septeto Nacional and friends recorded here is a milestone of Afro-Caribbean culture. While only a novice in the genre, I have learned that these men were among the players to first develop the "son" sound in Cuba as well as apparently being the first to use the term "salsa" in a song title. On top of these impeccable historical credentials, their mature voices - deep and dark as polished mahogany - and virtuoso playing really swing, and the seduction of the listener is complete.

Furthermore, Laswell's and Touitou's package goes a step further than the Cooder project. While the first CD is a "straight", untweaked session documenting these seasoned players going flat out and featuring plenty of vocals both male and female, the second CD is a dub translation, very much in the spirit of Boniche Dub; once again Bill seems to share the dubbing duties with Jean. In common with that record, this attempt at creating "Rhum and Bass" dub seems a tad unfocused at times, but definitely holds a certain fascination. An interesting project housed in APC's finest package yet.
Stephen Fruitman

Disc one • Straight Master (Original)
1. Cien Fuegos
2. Mil Congojas
3. No Tieme Telerana
4. Lagrimas Negras
5. Rhytm Impro
6. Yo Soy Como Candela
7. Descarga Para Gozarte
8. El Diablo Tun Tun
9. La Mujer Da Antonio
10. El Manisero
11. Al El Vaiven De Mi Carreta

Disc two • Rhum & Bass (Dub)
1. Rhytm Impro Dub
2. La Mujer De Antonio Dub
3. Cuban Beat
4. Mil Congojas Dub
5. La Mujer De Antonio (soundcheck dub)
6. Al El Vaiven De Mi Carreta Dub
7. Yo Soy Como Candela Dub
8. Radio Cuba Version
9. Cien Fuegos Dub

 The Septeto Nacional, Raoul Plana and Tata Guines

Recorded at Egrem Studio, Cuba
Dubs mixed at Orange Music Sound Studio, West Orange, New Jersey
Engineered by Oz Fritz
Produced by Bill Laswell and Jean Touitou

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Label: APC ‎– A.P.C.013
Format: 320
Country: France
Released: 1999
Genre: Electronic, Latin
Style: Dub, Cubano 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Phew • Finale / Urahara

1st solo recording by Phew (Hiromi Moritani), formerly of no-wave group Aunt Sally, on the essential Pass Records label (PAS-203). Ryuichi Sakamoto, helming the mix, does brilliant work here, especially on the fractured "Urahara", replete with discordant piano, plink-plonk synthwork (reminiscent of his B-2 Unit LP), and Phew's inimitable deadpan chant. No doubt this is what caught the ear of Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit, who would later join her on her follow-up LP.

1. 終曲 Finale (3:30)
2. うらはら Urahara (4:32)

Phew • vocal, voice, noise
Ryuichi Sakamoto • drums, piano, voice, Prophet Five, Arp Odyssey, MC 8

Recorded and mixed at Sound City Studio in Tokyo 
Produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Label: Pass Records
Catalog#: PAS-203
Format: 320
Country: Japan
Released: 1980
Genre: Rock
Style: Art Rock, Experimental

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Fela Kuti • Afro-beat Revolutionary

The Nigerian music superstar Fela Kuti, the creator of Afrobeat, used his music and his fame to pursue a campaign of sustained and fervent criticism of his country's government and, as a result, endured violent retribution. This program, narrated by Neneh Cherry, draws on his compelling music and the recollections of colleagues, friends and family to tell the Fela Kuti story.
With his own saxophone and politically-charged lyrics, and the jazz, Yoruba music, funk and highlife that infused the Afrobeat sound, Fela Kuti was a hugely popular and influential cultural figure. He continued to speak out through his music despite being hounded, tortured and nearly killed. In this program, we hear from those who knew him well and those who carry his musical legacy forward, including his son Seun Kuti, legendary drummer Tony Allen and musician Damon Albarn. When Fela Kuti died in 1997, over a million people lined the streets of Lagos for his funeral.

Presented by Neneh Cherry

Label: BBC Radio
Format: 320 kbps
Country: UK
Broadcast:  November 4, 2008
Genre: Spoken world, Music
Style: Documentary

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Material Live • The Underground NYC • May 13th 1981

This early Material incarnation with the original three members, Laswell, Michael Beinhorn and Fred Maher aided by Sonny Sharrock and Billy Bang. This is Material playing tracks from the classic Memory Serves album.

1. Upriver
2. Conform To The Rhythm
3. Sharrock Solo/Square Dance
4. Disappearing
5. Unauthorized

Sonny Sharrock • Guitar
Billy Bang • Violin
Bill Laswell • Bass
Michael Beinhorn • Shortwave, Synthesizer,Vocals
Fred Maher • Drums

Label: None
Format: 320
Country: US
Released: 1981
Genre: Jazz, Rock
Style: Free Funk, Avantgarde

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Yargo • Bodybeat

A great live band, Yargo were not able to translate their energy to the recording studio. I saw them a couple of times, the last being at Ronnie Scotts, they took no hostages that night.
I was initially reluctant  to see them at first as I wasn't feeling the record a friend kept playing me but saw them play live on The Tube and was intrigued.

For the uninitiated, Yargo were the best band to come out of Manchester in the late 80's by a mile. A recommendation from the owner of Moles Club in Bath led me to a gig in the same, where, I was amazed to see the rock royalty of the locale (they all came out of the woodwork for this one) eagerly awaiting with baited breath.......there was no disappointment. A brilliant set left me in no doubt, creative musical genius was abundant in this four piece unit, I was stunned, how does a band get this good? I'd never heard of them, why were they not famous? Sadly, the mystery still remains, I saw them half a dozen times in the Bristol / Bath area, each time an improvement on the last, before they slipped away into the ether in the early 90's. Bodybeat is difficult to categorise, not an easy album to review or draw comparisons, blues / jazz / dub / reggae / soul are all in the mix but still doesn't cover their sort of unconventional style, the best description I've heard is: Downbeat Future Jazz. This album is a masterclass of seriously good musicians underplaying in the most, allowing teaser amounts of musical prowess to sneak through and satisfy the listener, while making a totally unique sound that leaves the space for Basil Clarke's inimitable vocals. Still sounding as fresh as a daisy, the first of two stand alone Yargo album's Bodybeat more than adequately acquits itself from the unenviable task of capturing on disc the wall of sound produced by the totally original Yargo who excel in the domain of live performance. I agree with another reviewer "Yargo are so cool that when I play them on my stereo, it snows in the room". The Stone Roses have reformed with success, perhaps Yargo should do the same, after all back in the day they were 25years ahead of their should be just right. 

1. Carrying Mine
2. Bodybeat Blues
3. Lately
4. Get There
5. Help
6. Cocaine
7. Another Moss Side Night
8. Bedtime For Rio

basil clarke • vocals
tony burnside • guitar
paddy steer • bass, double bass
phil kirby • drums

mick brophy • harmonica
stalwart • saxophones  (1, 2, 5, 8)
tony watt • Piano (1)
denise johnson • backing vocals (2)
doreen edwards • backing vocals (2)
dave baldwin • synthesizer (3)
tony watt • synthesizer (5)
andy diagram • trumpet (5)

engineered by chris angle
produced by basil clarke, chris angle

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Label: Bodybeat – BODY 002 CD
Format: 320
Country: UK
Released: 1987
Genre: Electronic
Style: Urban Blues, Dub, Funk