Friday, 13 May 2016

Billy Bang, Craig Harris, Henry Threadgill ‎• Hip Hop Be Bop

Our idea with this effort was to mix two genres - hip hop (the underlying culture of modern jazz).
 The two did not seem to exclude each other because both relied on unusual tempos and often discordant harmonies for there effect. Will believe by honoring the principles of each form, they would naturally mix.
the phrase that was used to describe the overall effect is ‘surface tension’ where the melodies and rhythms sometimes sometime challenge each other. By choosing the words and voice of a jazz poet we attempt to illustrate the literary of contemporary rap and offer the listener the relief from standard predictable rhyme schemes by choosing the diversion of the reggae form we hoped to show that another popular modern form could carry the sophistication of the jazz melody. In addition, egg has influence the evolution of rap and has drawn its inspiration from the R&B music of New Orleans, itself a jazz extension.
The listeners need not know anything except what they hear: challenging  rhythm and intricate ensemble playing.

Billy Bang

1. Hip Hop Be Bop
Music by Billy Bang
Words by Wayne Providence

2. Riding With Ra
Music by Billy Bang

3. Night Stich
Music by Joey Eboli
Words by Alphonzo Stanley

4. If You Like It, Lick It
Music by Billy Bang
Words by Wayne Providence

5. Breeze
Music by Joey Eboli
Words by Alphonzo Stanley

6. Shine
Music by Billy Bang
Words Traditional

7. M'am
Music by Billy Bang
Words Adapted From ‘Thank You M'am’ by Langston Hughes

8. Breezy Dub
Music by Joey Eboli

Henry Threadgill • alto saxophone
Craig Harris • trombone
Brett Allen • guitar
Wayne Providence • voice
Prince Dominique • voice
Insane Asylum • programmed rhythms

All Rhythms Produced By Insane Asylum
Produced by Billy Bang

Label: ITM Records ‎– ITM 1480
Format: 320
Country: Germany
Released: 1993
Genre: Hip Hop, Jazz
Style: Soul Jazz, Jazzy Hip Hop

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