Monday 30 August 2021

RIP • The Master

 Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
20 March 1936 • 29 August 2021



Wednesday 25 August 2021

Crazy Wisdom Masters • Crazy Wisdom Masters EP


There has been a lot written about The Crazy wisdom Masters (aka The Jungle Brothers) lost masterpiece, apparently there were bootlegs of the full album! on the net, I have never come across it or read that anyone has it or even heard it!. When I read about the of The Payback 10" EP in the now defunct magazine "Muzik" and that Mr Bongo supplied all there review records for that issue and Mr Bongo was just round the corner from where I worked. 

Me: Do you have The Crazy wisdom Masters? 

Bongo: The what? 

Me:The Crazy wisdom Masters it's the Jungle Brother under a different name on Black Hoodz Records 

Bongo: Who? 

 Me: It was reviewed in "Muzik" and they said you supplied the records 

Bongo: Na, never eard of it mate, what type of music is it? 

Mr. Bongo sold Latin upstairs and Hip Hop & House downstairs 

Me: Hip Hop that's why I'm at the Hip Hop section 

Bongo: Try back in a couple of weeks... 

I more or less had this same conversation with every Hip Hop record shop in Soho that lunch hour. Fortunately I found it at Rough Trade about a week later whilst looking for something else. 




 Seven years ago, in a diabolical lab in Brooklyn, on the down and low, a crazy experiment was conducted. A freak accident occurred and one of hip-hop's most creative crews was exposed to deadly gamma rays drastically altering their perceptions of reality. They would never speak the Native Tongue again. They documented their tortured visions on reels and reels of tape. After the acidic haze wore off, they had created some of the illest sonics to be heard in this era. But the master tapes were never heard. They had to be locked away because they were considered too dangerous for the mass population. They could inspire thought, action, freedom. Now is the time. Crazy Wisdom Masters, currently masquerading as a group you all know and love, have been summoned from a parallel dimension to prepare you for freedom. This is a historic moment in the Book of Rhyme Pages as we travel back to the future where the Payback EP came from, cryogenically sealed and ready for resuscitation in the present.

Reel 1
  1) "Battle Show" 
2) "Ra Ra Kid"  
Reel 2 
1) "Spittin' Wicked Randomness" 
2) "Hedz at Kompany Z" 
Mike G • vocals, beats, sounds  
Baby Bam • vocals, beats, sounds  
Torture • vocals, beats, sounds;  
Bill Laswell • bass, sounds, processing, treatments 
Produced By Bill Laswell
More tracks & info here

Bassist 93


Ninety-Three and Sixty-Eight

A few other oddities about the Book of the Law and the Stele of Revealing are worth noting. Crowley was an avid Cabalist and spent years examining the Cabalistic numbers for key words in the text. This is based on the traditional assumption that Cabalistic numerology is a code worked out millenia ago for communication between humans and Higher Intelligence. Be as cynical about that as you will, but consider the data: All the important words, Crowley gradually realized, had the value of 93 in Greek Cabala. ( He thereafter referred to his magick work as "the 93 current," and Crowleans to this day speak of their work as carrying on the 93 current.)

- Robert Anton Wilson from Cosmic Trigger Volume I p. 110


From Oz Fritz blog 

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