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Podcast 313 • A Conversation with Bill Laswell


If Bill Laswell excels in making music that uses a world-wide sonic palette, then his latest release, Means of Deliverance (Innerhythmic Records), represents a rare return to his musical roots. Armed with a new instrument, the Warwick Alien fretless four-string acoustic bass guitar, Laswell has released a solo acoustic bass album that sounds more like an early evening session on the front porch in middle America then the wild mix of dub, electronica and worldbeat upon which he has built a reputation. The music is deceptively simple, and far more accessible than the layers of sound usually associated with his projects.

Laswell is among the most prolific musicians and producers in the world, perpetually involved in projects that may take him literally anywhere in the world. Rock fans may know him from work with Mick Jagger, P.I.L., and Brian Eno and for his band Material; world music fans adore his work with reggae legend Lee “Scratch” Perry and with musicians across Northern and Western Africa. Jazz fans may be familiar with his collaborations with Herbie Hancock in the mid-Eighties. He also participated in sessions with avant-garde legends like Sonny Sharrock and Peter Brotzmann. Laswell has released albums of remixes from two of the most influential musical artists of the 20th century – Bob Marley (Dreams of Freedom) and Miles Davis (Panthalassa).

 I spoke with Bill Laswell just after the CD’s release, and he was already on to new projects. He will soon be performing a new interpretive score to the classic cult film Koyaanisqatsi, originally scored by Philip Glass. With the endorsement of the film's director Godfrey Reggio, Laswell has composed his own innovatory score to accompany a one-hour edit of the original film, allowing the unique interplay between the film and Laswell live on stage. Click here for more information about the music.

Podcast 313 contains our conversation including musical selections from Laswell’s extensive oeuvre...

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Straight No Chaser





Friday, 8 October 2021

Yargo • Bodybeat


A great live band, Yargo were not able to translate their energy to the recording studio. I saw them a couple of times, the last being at Ronnie Scotts, they took no hostages that night.
I was initially reluctant  to see them at first as I wasn't feeling the record a friend kept playing me but saw them play live on The Tube and was intrigued.

For the uninitiated, Yargo were the best band to come out of Manchester in the late 80's by a mile. A recommendation from the owner of Moles Club in Bath led me to a gig in the same, where, I was amazed to see the rock royalty of the locale (they all came out of the woodwork for this one) eagerly awaiting with baited breath.......there was no disappointment. A brilliant set left me in no doubt, creative musical genius was abundant in this four piece unit, I was stunned, how does a band get this good? I'd never heard of them, why were they not famous? Sadly, the mystery still remains, I saw them half a dozen times in the Bristol / Bath area, each time an improvement on the last, before they slipped away into the ether in the early 90's. Bodybeat is difficult to categorise, not an easy album to review or draw comparisons, blues / jazz / dub / reggae / soul are all in the mix but still doesn't cover their sort of unconventional style, the best description I've heard is: Downbeat Future Jazz. This album is a masterclass of seriously good musicians underplaying in the most, allowing teaser amounts of musical prowess to sneak through and satisfy the listener, while making a totally unique sound that leaves the space for Basil Clarke's inimitable vocals. Still sounding as fresh as a daisy, the first of two stand alone Yargo album's Bodybeat more than adequately acquits itself from the unenviable task of capturing on disc the wall of sound produced by the totally original Yargo who excel in the domain of live performance. I agree with another reviewer "Yargo are so cool that when I play them on my stereo, it snows in the room". The Stone Roses have reformed with success, perhaps Yargo should do the same, after all back in the day they were 25years ahead of their should be just right. 

1. Carrying Mine
2. Bodybeat Blues
3. Lately
4. Get There
5. Help
6. Cocaine
7. Another Moss Side Night
8. Bedtime For Rio

basil clarke • vocals
tony burnside • guitar
paddy steer • bass, double bass
phil kirby • drums

mick brophy • harmonica
stalwart • saxophones  (1, 2, 5, 8)
tony watt • Piano (1)
denise johnson • backing vocals (2)
doreen edwards • backing vocals (2)
dave baldwin • synthesizer (3)
tony watt • synthesizer (5)
andy diagram • trumpet (5)

engineered by chris angle
produced by basil clarke, chris angle

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Label: Bodybeat – BODY 002 CD
Format: 320
Country: UK
Released: 1987
Genre: Electronic
Style: Urban Blues, Dub, Funk

Monday, 4 October 2021

Miso Soup • The Album Sounds


Formed in 1999, Miso Soup is a post electro-punk band based in London. The band is comprised of four Japanese: Masaki (guitar, piano), Ken (trumpet, synth, perc), Keisuke (drums), Yuhi (bass guitar, sampler). They have a broad range of interests in all music, which has influenced them, in playing more than 400 entirely improvised gigs, with a captivating stage presence and performance, the trademark 'miso-soup' style. Each member's activities range in broad areas: Masaki has done some collaborative work and produced some exhibition music for companies such as Levi's and Shiseido. Ken and Yuhi worked with various musicians such as Damo Suzuki (ex-Can), Charles Hayword, Chika (Plastics), 00i00 (aya), flying rythms (naoyuki uchida), Brown Sierra, Paul Hood, Now, Kenji Jammer (Simply Red), Sebastian Rochford (Polar Bear). Ken, as a film director, has held several exhibitions in galleries in London.

1. Public Life
2. 12 Pinballs
3. Maboroshi
4.  Pah, Pah, Pah
5. Planet Magic
6. September Step
7. Untitled #28
8. Mura-No-Soncho
9. Academic Monkey
10.  *****Waltz

Masaki Hosotani • guitar, piano 
Ken Iwasa • trumpet, synth, percussion
Yuhi Nakano • bass guitar, sampler
Keisuke Fujita • bass guitar, sampler

Label: ?
Format: 320
Country: UK
Released: 1998
Genre: Electronic
Style: jazz rock-fusion, 
kosmische jam, space music


Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Segun Lee-French



I wasn't aware that Segun was also a poet, playwright & film-maker. I'm not sure if he was doing any or all of those things back in 1995 when I first heard him as guest vocalist on Earthlings "Nothing" all I knew is that he had an original distinct voice. Back then the thought of searching the internet to find out an artists repertoire just wasn't an option or even thought. So twenty or more years later when you play a record (yes vinyl) and it occurs to you to look to see what else has this artist had been up to through sites like this diccogs to check their back catalogue.

Nothing • Earthling

A1. Nothing
B1. Nothingness

Produced by Earthling Productions


Label: Cooltempo – SPCD 1845, Chrysalis – SPCD 1845
Format: 320
Country: France
Released: 1995
Genre: Electronic
Style: Trip Hop



Sweet Surrender • Segun


A1. Sweet Surrender (Earthling Productions)
A2. Sweet Surrender (Colin Thorpe Mix)
B1. Sweet Surrender (Thursday Club Dub)
B2. Sweet Surrender (Thursday Club Lyrical)

Produced by Earthling Productions

Label: Sliced ‎– SLi01T
Format: 320
Country: UK
Released: 1996
Genre: Electronic
Style: Breakbeat, Downtempo




Ghost Town • Segun Lee-French 



My new single: Ghost Town

What I’m about to do is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done in my artistic life. For the first time in 25 years, I’m going to release some music.

The journey to get here has been long and full of self doubt. I stopped making music because I got disillusioned with spending more time trying to anticipate what the industry wanted to hear than making the music I wanted to hear.

11 years ago, I started daily singing practice, not to release music or perform, but just because I love singing and I wanted to realise my full potential as a singer. I wanted to be surprised by my voice every time I sang.

I had to rebuild my voice from the basics – breathing and vocal production. I discovered that practicing is more satisfying than performing in public. Practicing is performing to an audience of two – myself and God – and I’ve been blessed with moments when I felt complete unity between my mind, body and the universe. Though not with my neighbours.

In 2016, out of the blue, my friend, writer/broadcaster Kevin Le Gendre told me out that he had written 10 songs for me to sing. We did a gig for ResonanceFM at Iklectik Art Lab with a band including Kevin on bass, Art Terry on keys and a drummer called JT.

I started attending the Freedom jam sessions run by Cleveland Watkiss and Orphy Robinson at The Vortex in Hackney, and felt the joy of improvising with musicians in front of an audience that listens.

4 years later, I’m releasing Ghost Town, a cover of my favourite song, written by Jerry Dammers for The Specials in 1981, the infamous year of riots.

The theme of the song is timely with the Covid pandemic, but I actually started work on the track with Kevin on bass in 2018. I’ve been procrastinating about releasing it for almost a year after Colin Thorpe did the final mix.

Ghost Town will be released on 30 April through Distrokid on more platforms than I ever knew existed. If you like what you hear, please do pre-save to your playlists. If you really want to make me feel loved, you can do that old fashioned thing and buy the track on pre-release.

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Tings & Times – Music & Words



Friday, 10 September 2021

The Golden Palominos • Dead Outside


In 1997, The Palominos released another EP, named 'Dead Outside' five remixes of tracks from their album Dead Inside. It was offered exclusively for download from the official Golden Palominos website and Nicole Blackman's website (both now defunct) from October 15, 1997 to November 15, 1997.

  1.  Victim: The Last Thing (Sean Beavan.John Van Eaton remix)
  2.  Ride: Pragmatic Spasmatic (Raymond Watts remix)
  3.  Belfast: Empty As Wire (Scanner remix)
  4.  Ride (Mark Walk remix)
  5.  Victim: Interference (John Van Eaton remix) 

Nicole Blackman
Nicole Blackman

Anil: The group briefly made an accompanying remix album, Dead Outside, available for free online. Why did you take that approach to releasing it?

Nicole: Because a lot of the remixes that we got were done by friends of mine and by artists who just wanted to do it because they loved it. Raymond Watts from KMFDM and Pig did a remix. Chris Randall from Sister Machine Gun did one. So did Sean Beavan, who's done all of the Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson work. Scanner did one, John van Eaton did two. So, basically those all came in for nothing and Restless said "Well, we're gonna pay Mark Walk from Ruby and maybe one or two other people to do them and there's going to be a club remix and a radio remix." And what came in was very disappointing to everyone. So, I think Restless at this point was like "Aww, forget it. We're just not going to do anything with them." So, Anton and I said "Well, we've got all these remixes for nothing, we might as well just put them up on the Internet and just let everyone download them for free." So, if you see a press release from Restless saying "Restless pushes the envelope by debuting the first remix EP on the Internet," it's a scam. [laughs]

The Golden Palominos
Control and Resolution
by Anil Prasad

Label: Restless Records – none
Format: 5 x File, MP3
Country: US
Released: Oct 15, 1997
Genre: Electronic
Style: Trip Hop, Ambient




Monday, 30 August 2021

RIP • The Master

 Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
20 March 1936 • 29 August 2021



Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Crazy Wisdom Masters • Crazy Wisdom Masters EP


There has been a lot written about The Crazy wisdom Masters (aka The Jungle Brothers) lost masterpiece, apparently there were bootlegs of the full album! on the net, I have never come across it or read that anyone has it or even heard it!. When I read about the of The Payback 10" EP in the now defunct magazine "Muzik" and that Mr Bongo supplied all there review records for that issue and Mr Bongo was just round the corner from where I worked. 

Me: Do you have The Crazy wisdom Masters? 

Bongo: The what? 

Me:The Crazy wisdom Masters it's the Jungle Brother under a different name on Black Hoodz Records 

Bongo: Who? 

 Me: It was reviewed in "Muzik" and they said you supplied the records 

Bongo: Na, never eard of it mate, what type of music is it? 

Mr. Bongo sold Latin upstairs and Hip Hop & House downstairs 

Me: Hip Hop that's why I'm at the Hip Hop section 

Bongo: Try back in a couple of weeks... 

I more or less had this same conversation with every Hip Hop record shop in Soho that lunch hour. Fortunately I found it at Rough Trade about a week later whilst looking for something else. 




 Seven years ago, in a diabolical lab in Brooklyn, on the down and low, a crazy experiment was conducted. A freak accident occurred and one of hip-hop's most creative crews was exposed to deadly gamma rays drastically altering their perceptions of reality. They would never speak the Native Tongue again. They documented their tortured visions on reels and reels of tape. After the acidic haze wore off, they had created some of the illest sonics to be heard in this era. But the master tapes were never heard. They had to be locked away because they were considered too dangerous for the mass population. They could inspire thought, action, freedom. Now is the time. Crazy Wisdom Masters, currently masquerading as a group you all know and love, have been summoned from a parallel dimension to prepare you for freedom. This is a historic moment in the Book of Rhyme Pages as we travel back to the future where the Payback EP came from, cryogenically sealed and ready for resuscitation in the present.

Reel 1
  1) "Battle Show" 
2) "Ra Ra Kid"  
Reel 2 
1) "Spittin' Wicked Randomness" 
2) "Hedz at Kompany Z" 
Mike G • vocals, beats, sounds  
Baby Bam • vocals, beats, sounds  
Torture • vocals, beats, sounds;  
Bill Laswell • bass, sounds, processing, treatments 
Produced By Bill Laswell
More tracks & info here