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Rare Pharoah Sanders Interview and Performace with John Hicks


Pharoah Sanders (born Farrell Sanders; October 13, 1940 – September 24, 2022) was an American jazz saxophonist. A member of John Coltrane's groups of the mid-1960s, Sanders was known for his overblowing, harmonic, and multiphonic techniques on the saxophone, as well as his use of "sheets of sound". He released over 30 albums as a leader and collaborated extensively with Leon Thomas and Alice Coltrane, among others. Saxophonist Ornette Coleman described him as "probably the best tenor player in the world". Sanders' music has been called spiritual jazz due to his inspiration in religious concepts such as Karma and Tawhid, and his rich, meditative aesthetic. This style was seen as a continuation of Coltrane's work on albums such as A Love Supreme. As a result, Sanders was considered to have been a disciple of Coltrane or, as Albert Ayler said, "Trane was the Father, Pharoah was the Son, I am the Holy Ghost".

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Pharoah Sanders RIP



1940 - 2022






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Translations in Dub • A Conversation with Bill Laswell


Ambient translations in dub, Japan in the ’80s, and future music with visionary bass player / producer Bill Laswell.

A few months ago, news arrived that iconic bass player / producer Bill Laswell was in need of help from his fans, friends, and fellow artists. The note, titled “Entering the 2nd phase of Sacred Begging: EMERGENCY,” included details of Laswell’s difficulties over the pandemic with preexisting health conditions, his recent eviction from his Manhattan home, and struggle to hold on to the lease of his legendary New Jersey studio, Orange Music. A GoFundMe campaign was set up and within moments, Laswell’s global network responded with an outpouring of love and support:

“Your records, your performances, your principles have imprinted in my soul and I’m better for it.”

“Bill. Without you, nothing if you ask me. You are a true warrior with a big musical integrity. We need you out there.”

“It’s a damned crime that the man behind so much innovative sound and music is out here in this situation.”

While the casual music fan might not recognize Laswell by name, the artist has had a hand in producing some of the most inventive and sonically adventurous music of the last four decades. “Rockit” with Herbie Hancock introduced turntablism to the world and helped hip-hop crossover to the mainstream. Last Exit, a quartet with Sonny Sharrock, Peter Brötzmann, and Ronald Shannon Jackson, pushed the sonic boundaries of free jazz and ventured into noise territory. Gigi forged a new world pop sound fusing traditional Ethiopian music with jazz, ambient, and gospel. The album would go on to inspire generations of Ethiopian youth.

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Monday, 6 June 2022

Bill Laswell Gofundme


The past two years have been difficult for everybody, but especially those whose livelihood has been affected by the pandemic. Bassist, iconic producer, and sonic visionary Bill Laswell becomes the latest to fall victim to the vagaries of these crazy times.

Dealing with a whole host of preexisting health conditions, Bill’s musical output has been seriously curtailed by Covid, which is basically a death sentence should he be infected. With the risk too great, he has not been able to keep up his usual pace, working alongside other musicians and engineers in his Jersey studio. The pandemic has also forced him to cancel live appearances at European festivals, where he has generated the bulk of his income. To add insult to injury, he is now desperately searching for a place to live after getting evicted from his current Manhattan home. He is also struggling to hold on to the lease for Orange Music, the legendary New Jersey studio that he has helmed for the last 20 years. Bill is putting the call out to all fans, friends, and fellow artists: If you can help, please chip in. It’s NOW or NEVER, and no contribution is too small. 

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Mtume RIP

James Mtume


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Robbie Shakespeare



Robbie Shakespeare


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NY Gong • Material


Temporary Music 1 is the first recording released by the band Material.  First off, I have to say that this recording is it.  This is the thing that launched me on a musical exploration for the last 4 years that has led me to this -- working on a blog about a book about “The Gomelsky Recordings”.

Maybe you know this album, like I did 4 years ago, and maybe it has been in your collection for a few decades like it has been for me.  And maybe you haven’t thought about this record much in quite awhile when you find yourself, me that is, reading another music history book about a prog band that you loved back in the 70’s, and out of the blue is a quote from a guy who made that prog band’s best records.  And he says something like “...and around 79 I was recording this band called Material in Woodstock…”.   Wait.  What?

This is what happened to me late one night in 2017.  The quote is from Eddy Offord, the genius engineer of the most iconic albums by ELP and YES from the Classic Prog days. (Do we now call it an era?)  Those albums were made in the early 70’s at Advision Studios in London.  How did Mr. Offord end up in Woodstock NY in 1979 recording this unknown band Material?  The answer, as I soon found out in the wee hours of that same night in 2017 frantically researching this topic, is Giorgio Gomelsky.

by Rick Rees

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