Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Genji Sawai • Sowaka

I think this was one of those Japan only releases, Material (Laswell and Beinhorn) were hot property after writing and producing Herbie Hancock's Future Shock album which begat the mega hit Rockit. This album is in the same vain but more avant-garde.
1. 1969 (the real) (Sawai, Laswell, Beinhorn)
2. Za (Sawai, Laswell, Beinhorn)
3. Hikobae (Sawai,Laswell)
4. Cha-brown (Sawai, Laswell, Beinhorn)
5. Sowaka (Sawai, Laswell, Semba)
6. Don (Sawai, Laswell)

Genji Sawai • alto sax, soprano sax, tenor sax, sopranino, yamaha DX-7, voice
Bill Laswell • bass, turntables, yamaha DX-7
Michael Beinhorn • DMX, prophet5, yamaha DX-7
Kiyohiko Semba • Japanese percussion
Yutaka Uehara • drums
Kazuhiko Tsumura • guitar
Kazuhiko Shibayama • guitar
Midori Takada • percussion
Shuichi Murakami • percussion
Sang Won Park • kayaguem
Atsuko Yuma • voice
Rob Stevens • Yamaha DX-7, processing.

Recorded at Starship Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Engineer : Yasuhiro Abe
Assistant Engineers : Yasuyuki Moriyama, Kunihiko Imai and Hideaki Ikeda
Mixed at Evergreen Studio, New York by Rob Stevens and Lothar Segeler

Arranged by Genji Sawai and Bill Laswell
Produced by Material and Genji Sawai


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