Tuesday, 7 December 2021

NY Gong • Material


Temporary Music 1 is the first recording released by the band Material.  First off, I have to say that this recording is it.  This is the thing that launched me on a musical exploration for the last 4 years that has led me to this -- working on a blog about a book about “The Gomelsky Recordings”.

Maybe you know this album, like I did 4 years ago, and maybe it has been in your collection for a few decades like it has been for me.  And maybe you haven’t thought about this record much in quite awhile when you find yourself, me that is, reading another music history book about a prog band that you loved back in the 70’s, and out of the blue is a quote from a guy who made that prog band’s best records.  And he says something like “...and around 79 I was recording this band called Material in Woodstock…”.   Wait.  What?

This is what happened to me late one night in 2017.  The quote is from Eddy Offord, the genius engineer of the most iconic albums by ELP and YES from the Classic Prog days. (Do we now call it an era?)  Those albums were made in the early 70’s at Advision Studios in London.  How did Mr. Offord end up in Woodstock NY in 1979 recording this unknown band Material?  The answer, as I soon found out in the wee hours of that same night in 2017 frantically researching this topic, is Giorgio Gomelsky.

by Rick Rees

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