Thursday, 19 May 2011

Love Of Life Orchestra • Casino

Found this rare vinyl gem on a torrent site.
Love of Life Orchestra was created by Peter Gordon (sax, keyboards, composition) and David Van Tieghem, a talented, smart-aleck avant-garde percussionist with ties to new music composer Steve Reich. Both have gone on to greater fame as elder statesmen of the downtown music scene in New York, but these early works stand as an important developmental chapter.

1. Siberia
2. Casino
3. Jocks On Ice - O
4. Roses On Bond Street
5. Condo
6. Jocks On Ice - OO

Peter Gordon • Saxophone, Synthesizer, Organ, Piano, Voice
David Van Tieghem • Drums, Percussion, Marimba, Synthesizer, Voice
Randy Gun • Guitar, Voice
Rebecca Armstrong • Voice
"Blue" Gene Tyranny • Piano
Bill Laswell • Bass
Al Scotti • Bass
Larry Saltzman • Guitar
Ned Sublette • Guitar
Fred Maher • Guitar, Congas
Whisper Chorus
Jill Kroesen, Rebecca Armstrong
Tim Schellenbaum, Ned Sublette
Randy Gun, David Van Tieghem

Recorded and mixed at Aquarius Studios, Geneva, Switzerland and Right Track Studios, New York City.
Engineered by David Stone, Jean Ristori and Josh Harris

Produced by Peter Gordon and David Van Tieghem 

Label: Expanded Music
Catalog#: EX 08
Format: Vinyl Rip 320 kbps (Flac 1/2/3)
Country: Italy
Released: 1982
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: New Wave


  1. Thanks. I still have Extended Niceties and Geneva on vinyl. Didn't know about this release or just don't remember it!

  2. Nice one. Didn't realise Bill Laswell & Fred Maher played on this. My favourite Peter Gordon albums were Innocent which was later than this 1986 I think and Otello which only came out on cassette on Roir. There is a good cd just out from Peter Gordon which is like a thirty year retrospective with some new mixes etc and has one track from Otello. It's just called Peter Gordon Love Of Life Orchestra, which is available via Amazon. Neither Casino, Innocent or Otello have ever been issued on cd. My cassette version of Otello packed up years ago, I wonder if anybody has an MP3 version?

  3. Thanks again. Another Laswell I'd never heard of!

  4. Its good too. A FLAC copy would be greatly appreciated-- this one would sound that bit better.

  5. Check back here tomorrow for flac files

  6. Thanks fot the flac-- crystal clear!

  7. Any chance for a reup on this, pal? Thanks.

  8. Soren,
    Will reup before the weeks out week

  9. Hi, great blog. I would love a reupload of the FLAC of Casino, been hunting this one for an age!