Monday, 22 April 2013

U.M.A. • JA-CK

In the wake of a tremendously great Japanese-only CD featuring Bill Laswell's extreme bass talents in their best light (Akira Sakata's "Fusherman'" with Pete Cosey and Hamid Drake) comes another great "blow"! This time another quartet - Laz with 3 great Japanese players: drummer Hideo Yamaki of Toshinori Kondo/IMA fame (whose  impossible-to-get 1992 CD "Shadow Run" ranks as one of the great recordings featuring the "Laz" as both player and producer outside of his own work); multi-saxman Genji Sawai (remember the 1984 "Sowaka" LP where he's backed by Material?) and madman sampler/synth/keys player Hoppy Kamiyama!. Together they come up with something that straddles various areas of great improv, a unique jazzy take on "jam" bands. A great Rave-Up!

1. Nagare

2. Wa

3. Mizu
(U.M.A., Konda)

4. Yen

5. Minamoto
(U.M.A., Konda)

6. Nagare (Remix Version)

7. Ki

Genji Sawai • alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
Hoppy Kamiyama • digital president, slide geisha, ass hole box,
scum tape from garbage, klavier, gram pot
Bill Laswell • bass
Hideo Yamaki • drums
Kiyoto Konda • guitar (3, 5, 6)

Recorded at Sound Dali Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Produced by Genji Sawai
Co-Produced by Hoppy Kamiyama
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Label: Tokuma Japan Communications – TKCB-72370
Format: 320
Country: Japan
Released: 2002
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Avantgarde, Experimental