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Ayibobo • Freestyle

At the time of the Duvalier regime (1958-86), Roots music was considered subversive on Haiti and was banned as a result. However, groups formed in the island's forests and fought the ban with their music. Such a group was Foula, gathered around bassist and bandleader Chico Boyer. In the early 1990s, as repression increased, the musicians left Haiti and founded Ayibobo, together with Jean-Paul Bourelly, in New York. The band's concept combines Voodoo music traditions with the aesthetics of modern urban improvisation. Rosna, the band's singer, is a fascinating figure: the incarnation of gracefulness and femininity within Voodoo culture - Brooklyn style.

Freestyle's fusion of Haitian singing and drumming with jazzy horns and guitar finds Ayibobo's leader, guitarist Jean-Paul Bourelly, looking back to his heritage for some inspired new ideas. The result is danceable, pan-cultural jazz at its most enjoyable, exemplified on songs like "Voodoo Blue".
Alphonse Piard, Jr

1. Dessalines
2. Lenglensou
3. Voodoo Blue
4. Ayibobo
5. Afrika
6. Sondjemen
7. Afro Logic
8. Euzelie
9. Spirits
10. Plante
11. Tchouboum
12. Sing
13. M.C Tido

Wilfrid Ti Do Lavaud • Lead vocal, Drums, Guitar
Jean-Paul Bourelly • Guitar, Vocals
Chico Boyer • Bass, Background vocals, Drums
Ju Ju Julius House • Trap Drums
Gaston "Bonga" Jean-Baptiste • Drums, Background vocals
Booker T. Williams • tenor sax, flute
Craig Harris • trombone, didjeridoo
Vincent Henry • alto sax
Carl Bourelly • keyboards
Roy Robinson • organ

Recorded at Eastside Sound, New York,
between April 30 and May 24, 1993
 Produced by Jean-Paul Bourelly

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Label: DIW
Format: 320
Country: Japan
Released: 1993
Genre: Funk, World

Style: African, Funk, Jazz, Voudon