Thursday, 14 March 2013

Material Live • The Underground NYC • May 13th 1981

This early Material incarnation with the original three members, Laswell, Michael Beinhorn and Fred Maher aided by Sonny Sharrock and Billy Bang. This is Material playing tracks from the classic Memory Serves album.

1. Upriver
2. Conform To The Rhythm
3. Sharrock Solo/Square Dance
4. Disappearing
5. Unauthorized

Sonny Sharrock • Guitar
Billy Bang • Violin
Bill Laswell • Bass
Michael Beinhorn • Shortwave, Synthesizer,Vocals
Fred Maher • Drums

Label: None
Format: 320
Country: US
Released: 1981
Genre: Jazz, Rock
Style: Free Funk, Avantgarde


  1. This is great. Memory Serves was always one of my favourite LP's of the early 80's. Track 5 Unauthorised also includes the title Metal Test in the last few minutes, another track from Memory Serves. It would have been quite something to have seen them live at this time. Laswell's bass playing is the key thing here. They did do a couple of gigs in the UK later in 1981 at Heaven and the Venue. Fred Maher had gone by then being replaced by JT Lewis. Ronnie Drayton had been added on guitar and George Cartwright on saxes. Look forward to the other parts of the trilogy!

  2. I was actually at the Heaven gig, there was a great band supporting called Research that all I remember of is that Jim Dvorak was on trumpet. A friend of mine who went on to manage The Fall had a tape as at the time he was putting on bands at N London poly. Material were superb, and I was lucky enough to see Laswell again with Last Exit in Amsterdam. Actually taped that & when I get everything sorted out I will put that on my blog.
    Didn't know that they played at The Venue.

  3. I missed this somehow. Thanks for re-upping!

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  8. thanks Stylo, this Material is new to mee too [:-)
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  9. stylophone, thanks for this one, a great listen--wish I had picked up the Warsaw and Japan sets you had up earlier before it vanished, but maybe a repost ;)


    1. Hi hideo, will get the Warsaw and Japan sets up soon.

    2. Hi hideo, will get the Warsaw and Japan sets up soon.

  10. Hello. thanks for this! just to say that the track 'Disappearing' is actually a version of 'Reduction' from Temporary Music 2...

    1. Haven't checked this out yet but I'm sure you are right.